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The European Turf Group is a specialized artificial & hybrid turf assembly and production company. We develop and construct our systems based on 20 years of experience.  ETG people were among the first to enter 3G football markets. The Netherlands in 1998 with installations in Delft and among the very first in the European Landscape market in 2004.  The European Turf Group works with accredited yarn suppliers such as Ten Cate, Bonar, Mattex, Radici and Wetekam to ensure quality turf.  With an access to over 6.000.000 sqm in production capacity in ISO approved 9001 & 14001 factory, we guarantee good products. We have  a more holistic approach on the needs and wants of our clients and we believe to have added values for new and existing customers.

The values we adhere to are Reliability, Service, Partnership, and an Innovative and holistic approach. Those values sum up how we outperform our competition and give aid to our clients outperform theirs. 

We are focused on the production of artificial and hybrid turf. With its 20 years of experience in the group, we also provide installation services when local knowledge and expertise is not available.

The European Turf Group is a member in good-standing of the Synthetic Turf Council: Many turn to this association for guidance on synthetic turf. Together with its members, they have taken a leadership role in creating quality industry guidelines and education. Proud to be a member.

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European Turf Group is an RSI Brand

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