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ETG all in solutions

A more holistic approach means we cover All-IN solutions as well. We supply integrated concepts such as our Soccer, Hockey, Korfbal -Dome concept.

A concept where modular airdome, artificial turf and modular base construction can be done.

We supply foam and heating solutions for stadium and practice fields.
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ETG soccer dome concept

The Soccer dome concept is an all inclusive concept that pertains to the modular construction of a hall suited for football. Developed specifically for commercial investors who value flexibility in  their investment. The modular character of ALL components makes sure that the dome can be used and re-used on various location without too much hassle.

The panel based construction, the non filled ETG turf and the modulair air supported structure allow quick and easy installation. A robust structure with premium quality of play/use

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ETG hockey dome concept

The hockey dome concept is a new concept that helps communities and hockeyclubs in creating indoor hockeytraining and game facilities. The concept consists of a modulair air supported structure, a modular base and a modular hard court floor and if required a modular synthetic turf for outdoor use.

The hockey dome concept can be installed over existing synthetic turf pitches and as a complete stand alone concept with an indoor and outdoor use.

Its the first hockey dome concept that is completely modular.

Heating systems

Keeping pitches frost and snow-free is easy with the infra-red heating ribbons from ETG. Thanks to its unique heating technology combined with an efficient operating system, we assure constantly playable pitches and your energy costs are 25 to 40% lower.

Feel free to ask how much we can save your club on operational running costs. An enhanced performance as a result.

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