The European Turf group is an independent assembly and production group for artificial turf. Its strength is that it can operate and design products according to FIFA standards with a variety of products and yarns.

It’s not fixed to a single yarn supplier and thus has the flexibility to come up with the best solutions for each client. It designs and constructs its products under its own quality label and brand.

Some facts: the production facility as used by ETG has:
– 9001 ISO certification
– 14001 ISO certification
– Access to more than 6.000.000 sqm production capacity per year
– Has 16 tufting machines of which 75% less then 3 years old
– Has a 90 m1 long oven, the longest in the industry for optimal quality
– Has over 30 years experience

Our production facility is the best and biggest one in Europe. You are more than welcome to do a visual/quality inspection on any given date.

European Turf Group | Production
European Turf Group | Production

European Turf Group is an RSE-brand:

Recreational Systems Europe

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